[Beautiful World] I'd wait for life PDF Drucken E-Mail

There’s a place we used to be
There’s a face that I used to see
There’s a picture with you by my side
There’s a moment that want to find

I don’t know where to start
Or how to begin
But know I love you still

If you ever turn away
If you ever change your mind
If the raod ahead becomes too hard to climb
If there’s something in your heart
That tells you to stop
Oh to hold you close tonight
I’d wait for life

There’s a voice shouting inside my head
There’s a space on your side of the bed
There’s a hope evertime there’s a sound
There’s a silence that’s playing too loud

I don’t know how you are
Or how you maybe
But I know I love you still

If I close my eyes
I’ll dream a little deeper baby
Cause you are always on my mind
Yeah you are always on my mind
For life